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Clearing waste land with a helping 'Thumb

We have been using one of our excavator  thumbs for the last few days helping to clear a piece of rough land behind our factory.


The land has been used as dumping ground for the last few years and is covered in all sorts of waste from tree branches, small rocks and brick etc, sand soil and general building rubble.


We took the oppurtunity to fit our JCB 803 with one of our TH20 thumbs to help with the clearance operation.

The thumb gives a great versatlity to this kind of job by allowing the the bucket to be used as normal if required. When in position you can easily move rocks, branches rubble and general waste which can be sorted into different piles for burning or loaded into skips/dumpers etc, and when you just need to clear the soil,sand and smaller rubble the thumb was folded away allowing the bucket to be used as normal for cleaning up and loading.



The thumb is an excellent attachment that greatly improves the versatility of any digger.