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NEW for 2017 EG-Contractor Bale grab

New for 2017!

The EG-Contractor over the top bale grab.

IMG 1618 Copy 2


Designed with contractors and farmers handling large quantities of square bales the contractor has be developed to handle up to 3 large square bales at a time.

IMG 1626

It works just the same as any other over the top grab but has a massive 2.7mtr opening that closes up to just over 700mm allowing it to handle 1, 2 and 3 bales at a time saving both time and fuel costs by allowing for faster and easier loading of trailers


IMG 1622It requires no alterations to the ram position to handle the bales so no messing around moving the ram etc

Due to the size of the grab and the weight of 3 bales it must be fitted on a loader with at least a 2.8ton lifting capacity